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We are giving away one 17″ x 36″ family reunion banner weekly starting April 1st, 2012 and ending November 30, 2012. To submit an entry, please use the Disquss comment box below.


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While teaching history to a group of fourth graders I couldn’t help but notice that their interest in the history of their country was nonchalant. The boys in the classroom were only interested in World War 2 and the girls were not interested at all. Keeping their attention was a chore and I had to develop new ways to motivate them into learning history. To do that I was forced to come up with something different. I asked each of them to go home and interview their family members and learn about their family history. When I first gave the assignment I did not know how it would go over with them and to my surprise their ears peaked up and they raised their hands with many different questions for me to answer. What quickly made history fun for them is what makes family history so fun for many people, History becomes personal.

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Most years around the 4th of July, my family and I usually do quite a bit together if we can all get together anymore. I have discovered that we have similar tastes in songs for the 4th of July so that is what I decided to make a list of for you. Granted, we don’t always sing all these songs when we get together, but for the most part we enjoy singing these songs around each other on the 4th of July.

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Searching for door prize questions for a family reunion? Are you planning a family reunion and needing a fun activity? One fun family reunion activity is the door prize give-away game. Basically, one person reads a question, and whoever meets the qualification, wins a prize. It’s simple, yet can bring lots of laughs and discussion. Here are fun door prize questions for a family reunion.

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Years ago, it used to be very expensive to create custom sweatshirts or t shirts. Today, thanks to the internet as well companies like The Family Reunion Hut, you can make custom sweatshirts and t shirts for just about any type of occasion. One of the reasons many people are looking towards custom shirts is to commemorate special events. Family reunion t shirts are very much in vogue and can be a fun gift to give at these events.

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Family reunions are events that are intended to bring families closer together and to give distant family members the opportunity to reconnect with their relatives from across the country, or even from around the world. When you are planning a family reunion you need to plan a few games and activities to keep your guests entertained. The games that you plan should appeal to a variety of age groups and skill levels.

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Are you looking for people bingo questions? Are you planning a family reunion and considering playing icebreaker Bingo? People Bingo is a fun icebreaker game. Guests are given a card with spaces, similar to a Bingo card. In the spaces, there is something for the guests to sign, such as the examples used below. Guests must approach other guests to get signatures. Usually, guests can only get one signature per person. The guest who gets all of the spaces filled first, wins. Here are a few sample questions to consider using for the card.

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Putting together a family reunion is not only challenging from an organizational perspective. The sheer expense associated with the event can be substantial. Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs and still have a great time. Here are some ideas on how to pull together a family reunion on a modest budget. One common expense that many family members face when planning to attend a family reunion is travel. For this reason, it is often a good idea to plan the reunion on an off season. Make sure to set the date several months in advance. This will give relatives living at great distances to take shop around for the best deals on airfare or other travel options.

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